Halal Certification for Food Premises – UBHC-3

Certification Process

Halal Certification for Food Premises

For inspection purposes, you must be attentive to the following items:

  • Suspicious source of ingredients like raw materials, processing materials or additives should be proven through an Halal certificate from a recognized Islamic Body or UBIAC.
  • The handling and preparation of raw materials and other ingredients must be done in accordance with the halal standards and hygiene requirements.
  • Supply of chicken/duck or animals of the same kind must be sourced from a duely halal certified slaughter house.
  • Sales of alcohol and of similar kind are prohibited.
  • Every time tools and appliances are used, they must be cleaned. They should only be used to prepare Halal cooking.
  • All equipment and products are arranged in a neat, clean and safe manner.
  • Every worker is encouraged to complete training in Halal and food serving.
  • You must follow safety and cleanliness guidelines.
  • A separate storage area must be set up for wet and dry raw materials. Raw materials must be properly arranged.
  • Only Halal products are allowed to be transported.
  • Everything related to food handling (goods stove, storage for tools, packaging etc.)  should be Halal.

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