Halal Certification for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe etc – UBHC-4

Certification Process

Halal Certification for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafe etc

These areas are the main focus of inspections:

  • These conditions are in addition to those that apply to food premises.
  • Only the hotel kitchen can be used to inspect and certify.
  • Two (2) full time Muslim cooks must be available in the kitchen.
  • All cutlery must be Halal
  • Only Halal products can be prepared in the Halal Kitchen.
  • All food items that are served, including Western and Chinese dishes, are forbidden from making use of any non-halal or suspected raw ingredients or materials.
  • The kitchen used for Halal food is separated from the non-Halal one and is not accessible together.
  • Same Staff are not allowed to enter both Halal and non-Halal kitchen.
  • Wine and any item of the same kind are strictly prohibited in the Halal kitchen.

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