Halal Certification for Product Manufacturer – UBHC-1

Certification Process

Halal Certification for Product Manufacturer
(Applicable Category code D, E, L, M, N as per GSO 2055-2:2015)

  • The manufacturing process and product must be in line with the all the general requirements of GSO 2055-1:2055
  • The company has to manage the supervision and processing of Halal product only at the manufacturing site. (as per GSO 2055-1:2015)
  • The contents of raw material, processed product or additives should be Halal. The ingredients must be identical as per the list mentioned in the application form.
  • It is crucial that the areas around are free of contamination. Cleaning schedules have to be correct and systematic.
  • Tools should be clearly identified, organized, and kept safe during production.
  • No contract manufacturing by third parties other than for Halal product.
  • Packaging materials must not contain substances that are considered as najis (filthy) according to Islamic Laws and harmful to health.
  • The packaging process must be done in a clean and safe way (as per GSO1694).
  • Each packaging should clearly labeled or printed (asper GSO 9). This will allow for easy reading and lasting information.
    • Name and/or the brand name of the product (as stated in Halal certification)
    • Ingredients to be listed in the Metric system
    • Ingredients list
    • Name and address of the manufacturer and/or distributor, as well as trade mark.
    • Halal certification documents/declaration for third party ingredients if used in manufacturing.
  • Equipment must not contain any chemicals that are believed to be najis (filthy) in accordance with Islamic Laws. They also need not be harmful or have side effects.
  • The factory area must be fenced or the company/client might use a system of control that will stop animals from entering the premise.
  • The maximum permissible amount of residues from ethyl alcohol (Ethanol), in food (as per GSO2538).
  • Extraction solvent as well as its residual limits in the production food ingredients and food products (as as per GSO 2359)

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